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全世界最美的小镇|意大利Positano波西塔诺 想到去年~

意大利:波西塔诺Positano,卡普里岛Capri 我会知道这个地方就是因为instagram的所有网红都超爱去这里,他们每年都一定要去一次,所以意大利之旅就因此产生!这篇就分享一下Positano~波西塔诺
​住宿:Positano在国外是著名的度假胜地,所以住宿不便宜,1 k-10k+的价格。 当时查了一些airbnb,但由于我们没有提早很久订,好多选择都已经没了。我当时觉得既然都来了,希望住能看出去就是美景的房型,最终找到了一家宝藏酒店,它就在最有名的酒店le sirenuse隔壁,价钱却便宜很多,一晚六百多欧。
The Most Beautiful Town in the World | Positano, Italy Thinking about last year, I went to the place I wanted to go most. Italy: Positano, Capri I know this place because all the instagrammers love to go here, they must go there once a year, so the trip to Italy came into being! Let"s share Positano in this article. Route:Shanghai-Taipei Transfer-Amsterdam-Rome-Capri-Positano-Amsterdam-Taipei Transfer-Shanghai Accommodation: Positano is a famous resort abroad, so accommodation is not cheap, 1 K-10 K + price. Checked some airbnbs at the time, but since we didn"t book far in advance, a lot of the options were gone. At that time, I thought that since I had come here, I would like to stay in a room with a beautiful view, and finally found a treasure hotel.It is right next door to the most famous hotel, le sirenuse, but the price is much cheaper, more than 600 euros a night. A lot of people live in the surrounding town, it"s a quick and easy boat ride to Positano, and you can also get a room with a sea view, and it"s much better value for money! Transportation: I stayed in Capri for two nights first and took the 30 minute ferry to Positano (I took the train from Rome to Napoli and the boat from Napoli to Capri). Activities: We booked